A mixed media piece of a bridge in downtown Greenville, SC


For me, this piece represents growth. It represents hope. I started this painting a summer when I was in a dark place emotionally and struggling with a broken relationship. After a week, I could not work on it more because of its significance to me. The bridge was a reminder of the broken relationship and I had thought making it would help me cope, as painting often does. But this time, that was not the case. So I put it aside. 

10 months later, I pulled it out, continued working on it, and finally finished it. It felt very different working on it so long after starting. But different in a good way. Because I had changed. I had grown up a little more. I had discovered a little more of who I am. I had learned a little more about living life. And so I was able to finish this piece without the same pain as when I started it. Of course there was still some sadness, but there was also peace and the hope that comes from that peace. Hope that comes from pressing into truth. So for me, this painting represents growth. It represents letting go. 

The original piece is a 11 x 14 inch India ink and tissue paper mixed media work and shows a bridge in Greenville, SC. I created this piece on Rives BFK paper and mounted it on MDF board. There are two pieces of hanging hardware on the back of the MDF board. The piece is signed and dated on the back. Price includes shipping within the U.S. Images 1-3 in gallery.