Custom Flower Bouquet Painting




Are you a former bride who wants to remember your wedding bouquet with a custom painting? Or maybe you have a bouquet from another special occasion that you want to remember through a painting. Or you just love flowers and want to a bouquet painting to decorate your house with.

I use Rives BFK paper for all my pieces, but you can choose whether or not the piece is mounted (description of mounted verses unmounted are below). All prices included shipping within the U.S.

For a mounted piece, before painting, I glue (using archival glue) the paper onto a piece of MDF board. Then, once the painting is complete, I add hanging hardware to the back of the MDF board so that the piece is ready to hang. Images 5 and 6 show what a mounted piece looks like when it is hanging on a wall.

For a unmounted piece, you will receive your artwork just as the paper. You can choose whether or not the painting has a border. You will most likely need to frame an unmounted piece. Images 1 and 4 show what an unmounted piece looks like with a border.

Prices for unmounted pieces:

8 x 10 inches: $80

9 x 12 inches: $95

11 x 14 inches: $115

Prices for mounted pieces:

8 x 10 inches: $125

9 x 12 inches: $145

11 x 14 inches: $165

Contact me at if you have any questions or would want something in a size that is not listed here.

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8 x 10 unmounted, 9 x 12 unmounted, 11 x 14 unmounted, 8 x 10 mounted, 9 x 12 mounted, 11 x 14 mounted