Mary Julia Craft

capturing the emotions tied to our memories

About Me

I am a Nashville native and I received my BFA in Drawing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. 

About My Art

I tend to develop strong attachments to ordinary objects or places because of the memories associated with them. Most of those memories are connected to another person. For example, within the buildings of a city, I see the close friendships that were developed there. In coffee mugs, I see deep conversations and a way of connecting. I create artwork that revolves around everyday items or places that I am attached to because of the relationships I associate with them. 

These memories are not always positive. Sometimes they can evoke feelings of the hurt and sadness of broken relationships, along with those that have brought joy and life. This encompasses the whole human experience, the broken and the redeemed. 

I want my pieces to feel like the memory associated with that moment in time. As you, my viewer, look at my art I want you to be reminded of your own attachments, memories, and relationships. My hope is that these feelings will bring you healing or peace as you are brought back to those specific memories.  

What I’m Up To

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