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Hello! My name is Mary Julia Craft. I want to start by giving some background information about myself. I am one of those rare Nashville natives. I grew up and went to high school just south of Nashville, then moved to Knoxville, TN for six years to get my BFA in Drawing and my Masters in Art Education. I moved back to Nashville once I graduated and worked as a high school art teacher for three years. I enjoyed teaching, but decided after this past school year to leave the classroom and pursue art full time. 

About My Artwork

I tend to develop strong attachments to ordinary objects or places because of the memories associated with them. Most of those memories are connected to another person. For example, within the buildings of a city, I see the close friendships that were developed there. In coffee mugs, I see deep conversations and a way of connecting. I create artwork that revolves around everyday items or places that I am attached to because of the relationships I associate with them. 

These memories are not always positive. Sometimes they can evoke feelings of the hurt and sadness of broken relationships, along with those that have brought joy and life. This encompasses the whole human experience, the broken and the redeemed. 

I want my pieces to feel like the memory associated with that moment in time. As you, my viewer, look at my art I want you to be reminded of your own attachments, memories, and relationships. My hope is that these feelings will bring you healing or peace as you are brought back to those specific memories.  

My Most Recent Work

I have started making small, unmounted paintings in order to be able to offer some originals at a lower price. All of these paintings are 5 x 7 inches with a 1 inch border. And these are only some of the ones I have made, so check out my website or Instagram for the others. Prints of all of these are also available for purchase. 

I also just recently finished this painting of the Tennessee Theatre sign in Knoxville, TN. Knoxville is a very special city to me. I lived there for 6 years while completing undergrad and grad school. This is the city where I drastically developed as an artist. I also made friendships there which grew me into the person I am today. This sign is a staple to downtown Knoxville and such a sight to see when it is lit up at night. Every time I am visiting the city, I have to go down to see it. This painting is 9 x 11 1/2 inches. The original, as well as different sized prints, are available on my website. 

That is all for now. In the next couple weeks I will have more updates on new work as well as some upcoming show announcements.

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