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COVID-19 Update

Hello all!

I know that everyone’s lives have most likely drastically changed over the last few weeks. How is everyone holding up? Honestly, since I am a pretty big extrovert, this transition of staying at home has been pretty difficult. My husband and I did go ahead and adopt a dog (we were going to wait till mid April, because of a bunch of trips we were going to take, but those got cancelled), so having him around on top of some warmer and sunnier days have helped. 

In my last blog post I shared some upcoming shows I had scheduled. Those shows, along with some others I had added, are now all cancelled. I had been so excited about those new opportunities to grow my business by building my audience and selling some more of my work. Since August, I have been part time babysitting (about 15 hours a week) for a little extra income. In order to social distance and protect those families, as well as myself, I have not babysat for the last three weeks and it will most likely be at least two more weeks (if not longer) before I continue to do that. Not babysitting has given me more time to make new artwork, but on the downside, that is a small income I am not receiving right now.

My husband still has his job and is able to work from home, which we are both so thankful for. I know that there are others who are in far more devastating situations with job and income loss right now. But I still wanted to share how all of this has affected me and my business, because in those ways it has been difficult.

So I would like to ask those of you reading this to consider looking through my website and helping by purchasing even just a print or some notecards. Or share some of my work with a friend or family member or on social media would also be amazing. Thank you so much! 

Most Recent Work

This painting is based on a photo I took in a local East Nashville coffee shop called Slow Hand Coffee. Coffee shops are significant to me because they are places I go to connect with other people, like a close friend, a family member, or a significant other. I created this piece on Rives BFK paper and mounted it on MDF board. There are two pieces of hanging hardware on the back of the MDF board so that you can hang it directly on your wall without needing to get it framed.

This piece shows two significant Nashville buildings: the Ryman Auditorium and the “Batman” building. I love music and discovering new bands whose songs connect with me emotionally. Then it is a whole other experience being able to see those bands or artists perform live. Not only is the Ryman Auditorium significant to the history of Music City, but I have a special connection to it because I have been able to see some of my favorite musicians, whose songs have been influential in my life, play there. Then there’s the “Batman” building. This iconic part of the Nashville skyline is significant because it is part of my childhood memories as well as my current life. I remember driving through or near downtown with my family and getting excited about seeing the Batman building. Now as a young adult living in the city, I see it on a daily basis and so it has taken on a new meaning as I am continuing to live life here.

I have sold the original already! Yay! But I have prints available for purchase on my website.

None of these are new pieces, but a few of them are new as notecards. These are all the images that I offer as 5.5 x 4 inch notecards. One thing I have been doing while stuck at home is writing and sending snail mail to friends and family. You could do the same with these notecards! They are blank on the inside, so you can write whatever you would like. You can purchase a single notecard ($6), a set of 3 ($12.50), a set of 5 ($18.50), or a set of 10 ($34). Prices include shipping within the U.S. Each notecard also comes with a white envelope. 

That is about all for now. I will continue to update about new pieces and then about upcoming shows once things start returning to normal.

As always, let me know if you have any questions and, again, thank you so much for your support! I am so thankful that I am able to do what I love and then share it with all of you. 

Mary Julia Craft

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