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May 11th Update

Hello all!

Happy Mid May! Can you believe it’s Mid May already? Also this is the beginning of week 9 of quarantine for us. My husband is still working from home and was told this week that he will probably be working from home for another two months at least. I was suppose to start babysitting again last week, but the Nashville mayor has extended the safer at home mandate, so now it will probably be at least another week or so before I can do that. 

I am enjoying all the extra time I have to make artwork and have several new pieces to share with you all. Thank you so much to everyone who has ordered either a print or notecards over the last month. Your support always means a lot, but especially during this time when I am not babysitting or have art shows to regularly attend. 

I have been applying to fall shows and already have a couple on the calendar. I will share those as we get closer to those dates. And hopefully I will have even more to add.

Most Recent Work

This painting is 11 x 16 inches and based on a photo I took inside of the Atherton Mill building in Charlotte, NC. My husband and I took a trip to Charlotte this past October and this was one of my favorite places there.  I actually started this piece back in November, right after I had finished the very intricate Nashville Pedestrian Bridge painting. So I hit a point where I needed to take a break from the complex architecture pieces. But came back to this one a couple weeks ago and finally finished it. 

Something that intrigues me about our memories is that we can vividly remember a specific instant, but then other memories, even from the same time period as the vivid memory, can be hazy. That idea is what I am exploring with this piece. This painting shows the Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, SC. I spent two full summers in Charleston during college and some of my most vivid recollections are from that time. But then when I have reminisced with friends who were also there, they can remember things I do not. Or remember them in a different way. I know some of the “forgetfulness” is because our brains can only hold so much information, but sometimes I wonder if I do not remember some things because I don’t want to remember. But then at the same time, some of the vivid memories are ones I wish I could forget. 

I made this painting with acrylic paint and it is 9 x 6 inches.

This painting is based off of a photo I took of my husband when we took a weekend afternoon about a month ago to go explore outside. That was after we had been quarantined for only a little over two weeks. Cannot believe over a month has passed since then. 

This original acrylic painting is 11 x 14 inches and painted on a canvas panel, which means it will need to be framed. If you want to frame the piece yourself, you can purchase it without a frame. If you purchase it with a frame, I will send it to you in a frame.

Another thing I did over the past month is make some bouquet paintings. On my website, I have a listing that allows customers to order a custom bouquet painting. This would be a great gift for a former bride as a way to remember her bridal bouquet. Or maybe there’s a bouquet from another special occasion you want to remember. Or maybe you just love floral arrangements and want a bouquet painting to decorate your house.

The first two I made so I could have examples of floral paintings. The second painting is actually of my own bridal bouquet. The bottom painting was a custom order for my wedding florist. 

That’s all for now! Again, thank you so much for your support! As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. You all are the best!


Mary Julia Craft

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