Relationships Built on Coffee


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I made this piece for a show called “Dear Nashville: An Artist’s Letter to Nashville – love letter, or not…” and here is the statement I wrote to go with the piece:

When I think of my own relationship with Nashville the first word that comes to my mind is community. An essential part of my time in Nashville has been building relationships with other people: from someone I am meeting for the first to close friends, a significant other, or family. And a great deal of that relationship building has happened in coffee shops. I have spent hours in coffee shops connecting with another person. This is why I chose a coffee shop as my subject matter for my “Dear Nashville” painting. This coffee shop, the Barista Parlor in Germantown, is one of the ones I frequent the most and is particularly special because it is where my husband and I went on our first date.

The relationships I have made in Nashville have shaped so much of who I am today. They are people who helped me feel less lonely in a new city. People who were there for me when a close friend unexpectedly passed away. And many of these people have encouraged and pushed me as I struggled with the decision to quit teaching and pursue my art. 

But not every relationship endured. Some of the friendships that were started or built in coffee shops no longer exist. All of the romantic relationships or interests, except for one, have all ended. Some of these endings were abrupt, but some just faded over time. This is what the layered tissue paper in my piece represents. That when we are in community with others there is joy and life but also hurt and sadness. Sometimes it feels as if all the hurt and sadness is covering up or stronger than all the good parts of being in community. But no matter how much it might feel that way, the good is always still there, making itself seen. 

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